Top 10 Woodworking Tool Sharpeners

Before we list you the best woodworking tool sharpeners, here is a quick introduction.

What Are Woodworking Tools?
Woodworking tools are heavy-duty implements that are used for various woodwork activities. It could be used for simple chopping of woods to intense woodcarving, carpentry and furniture making. Technically, they are designed to hack away into sturdy woods. This activity is as ancient as history as evidenced by pre-historic carvings to depict early lives of humans. The tools used since then had evolved from stones into most modern hand tools and power tools.

Tools help enable speediness and efficiency with the craft. There is a wide range of tools used for this job. Chisels, lathe files, axes, power saws and machetes are few examples of commonly used woodworking tools.

10 Best Woodworking Tool Sharpeners

Besides keeping a complete and functional toolbox, it is vital to include good woodworking tool sharpeners too. This is to see to it that the gears are in its proper blade condition for a precise cutting job. Working with woods requires force & strength and nothing can compensate better than good working conditions of the tools.

A dull axe may need more hacks to finish a job than a sharp axe can. That is why keeping a good woodworking tool sharpener is also a necessity. The edges of woodworking tools are thicker and sturdier than just standard blades. Thus, it needs a sharpener that can suit it best.

1. Black+Decker BG1500BD 6” Single Speed Bench Grinder ($$$)

Rusts and damaged blades are inevitable for any blades heavy-duty work. It needs a sharpener that can thoroughly cut into the thick metal to revitalize the edges and repair the damages. This powerful woodworking tool sharpener is designed for rough grinding and cutting edges apart from being a sharpener.

Before installing or removing anything, make sure that the grinder is unplugged. Install the grinding wheels, tools rests and eye shields. The tool rest should be within 3 millimeters from the stone. Safety eye-wear and mask must be used to prevent injury from the flying metals off the blade. Place the blade lightly on the grinder while keeping the fingers away for safety. Do not press the blade too hard. Let the grinder roll and rotate into the blade until the desired sharpness is achieved. To prevent overheating, dip the tool occasionally in a basin of water.

The Black + Decker bench grinder has two grinding wheels with coarse and medium grit surfaces. It also has tool rests and eye shields for each of the grinding wheels. This bench grinder is the correct tool for harnessing woodworking implements back into its efficient working condition.

2. WorkSharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition ($$$$+)

To bring the industrial quality sharpness to knives & blades, Work Sharp’s Ken Onion edition is the best sharpener to use. It is very versatile and can be used from the thin fishing knives, standard knives, garden tools and the bulky woodworking tools.

The extra coarse diamond abrasive belt is used for tool repair and sharpening.
For woodworking tool sharpening, mount the appropriate diamond belt into the machine. Lightly rest the beveled edge of the blade into the belt and simultaneously press the power on button. Gently pull the blade away with consistent and uniform force letting the machine work on the edge. Repeat on the other sharpening end to work on the opposite blade.

It uses a belt abrasive for sharpening that comes in five varying grits of extra coarse, medium, fine and extra-fine. These belt abrasives are usually diamond hone, but additional belt kits like ceramics can also be purchased.

3. Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener ($$$$$+)

Another quality sharpener of Work Sharp especially designed for woodworking tools is the WS3000. It provides fast, efficient and accurate performance in repairing damaged edges and sharpening it back to its working condition. It has a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Kit that contains the abrasive mounted on tempered glass.

It’s abrasives are P220, P400, P1000, and micro-mesh 3600. It is for repairing damaged tools, slightly sharp tools, fine sharpening, and honing respectively. The cooling system of the machine was designed to prevent overheating with its routed airflow.

When using this sharpener, first, adjust the angle on the sharpening port to the desired angle. To use, flatten the tool on the top wheel freehand method. Do not grind. Place the tool into the sharpening slot with the bevel facing up into the lapping abrasive. Move the fence located on the right side of the port lightly against the tool. Slide the bevel into the sharpening port letting it contact into the wheel for 1 to 2 seconds before pulling it away. Repeat the process until the tool is thoroughly sharpened. Repeat this process using finer grit surface for polishing.

It also has several sharpening slots for different woodworking tools. Chisels and plane irons are for the sharpening slot. Wider tools can be sharpened on the top surface of the wheel, while carving and lathe tools are placed in the see-through slotted wheel.

4. DMT W6FP 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Sharpener- Medium ($$)

The superior diamond stones on the surface of this sharpener are arranged strategically in an interrupted pattern for efficient sharpening. This is designed to increase the effectiveness by letting the diamond cut faster into the edges of the blades. The dotted surface enables the sharpener to function free from accumulating metal filings by trapping them in the recessed portion.

To use, simply push the blade across the sharpener with moderate pressure in a swiping motion. Keep sharpening until the desired sharpness is reached. Repeat the process on the other edge of the bevel until both sides of the bevel are thoroughly sharpened. This practical and portable garden tool sharpener by DMT is a convenient and user-friendly tool for many types of garden gears.

This woodworking tool sharpener is ideal for various tools like a chisel, plane iron, utility knives, scraper and many others including those with convex edges. Diamond stones work faster and more efficient than traditional stones because of its aggressive sharpening ability. It can also be used without the need for water of lubricants to reduce the mess from sharpening.

5. Water Cooled Tool Sharpening System Tormek T4 with an 8-Inch Stone ($$$$$++)

Tormek T4 is a complete grinder for almost all types of knives, tools, and blades. It has a dual grit sharpening stone that rotates at about 120 RPM, slower than most grinders, to prevent it from overheating and losing of the steel’s temper. This is its advantage over other bench grinders whose friction on the metals overheat the metals and lets it lose its hardness.

There are different ways a Tormek T4 is used for sharpening which is subjective to the type of tool being sharpened. Grinding away from the stone is the best option to avoid the blades from having to dig into the stone. The pressure to be exerted also depends on the type of tools in proportion to the contact area it will occupy.

The tendency is to ground the tool again to bring it back to its form. This type of bench grinder has a water trough where the stone could carry water continuously on its surface to reduce the risk. This set also includes a leather-stropping wheel for honing and polishing of the blades after sharpening.

6. Makita 98202 Horizontal Wheel Wet Blade Sharpener ($$$$+)

This precise and speedy woodworking tool sharpener is ideal for repairing edges of planer blades, joint knives, lathe tools, and other edges. It has a quiet motor that rotates at 560RPM to create a finer finish. The set includes a blade sharpener, a 1000-grit medium-grinding wheel, blade holder, and wrench and rule assembly.

To start using the Makita Sharpener, mount the grinding wheel into the machine and all its other implements and appendages. Put water into the coolant reservoir and adjust its flow. To sharpen a blade, always work with the blades facing away. Slide the sharpening holder into the platform using uniform pressure, in a back and forth motion.

The aluminum oxide wheel delivers precise and efficient sharpening. The water that feeds on the grinding wheel is necessary to prevent overheating when the metal and the grinder come in contact. This blade sharpener can sharpen planer blades up to 15 inches long. The machine weighs only about 24.3 pounds to make it easily transported anywhere a woodworking tool sharpener is needed.

7. Smith’s 50008 8-inch Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone ($$$)

This 8” Diamond hone from Smith’s has two adjacent diamond stones with the coarse and the fine surfaces, and Medium Arkansas stone this combination is extensive in creating the ideal edge of tool’s blades. The design enables it to be rotated from its triangular bench for added convenience.

The diamond hones have an overlapping interrupted design to catch metal filings to keep the surface mess-free during sharpening. On the edge of the hone is a micro-tool sharpening pad that is intended for sharpening the tip and narrow blades of chisels.

To sharpen, rotate the lever so that the desired stone is on top of the bench and spread it with a honing solution. Push the blade away in a sweeping motion across the stone, applying necessary pressure, repeating 8 to 10 times until the desired sharpness is achieved. Repeat on the other side of the blade using the sweeping motion towards, and with the same number of strokes on the other side.

Repeat the process on the fine stone with the same motion as with the coarse stone if the coarse stone was used. The blades can be polished on the Arkansas stone if desired to completely polish the blades.

8. Lansky BS-TR100 Tri-Stone Benchstone ($$)

Another bench stone type sharpener for woodworking tools is Lansky’s Tri-Hone with oilstone sharpeners. The rotatable bench has three sharpening surfaces: the medium Arkansas stone, fine Arkansas stone and a synthetic stone each properly identified.

To use the stone for woodworking tools, pour a honing solution on the surface, water can be used if desired. Maintaining an angle of the bevel, push the blade at about 3 to 4 strokes until thoroughly sharpened. Repeat this to sharpen the other side of the blade, this time with stroking motion towards the user. After each use, the stones should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water to remove the metal filings and prevent it from damaging the surface of the sharpener.

A small amount of honing solution is needed to protect the stone and the blades from the friction. These stones do not only repair and revitalize the blades’ edges but also keep them polished to enable them to retain the sharpness longer.

9. Dremel 100 LG Lawn and Garden Rotary Tool Kit ($$$)

This rotary grinder does not only sharpen garden implements but also includes a grinding stone for sharpening a chainsaw blade. A good and sharp chainsaw produces chips as waste materials. However, when a chainsaw is dull, it began producing dust. This is an indication that it needs re-sharpening.

In sharpening a chain saw, install the stone and other attachments into the rotary sharpener. Sharpen each of the chain teeth in one direction with the same number of passes for even and uniform sharpness. Line the tool with a second 30° mark on the attachment to sharpen the teeth that run in opposite direction. Repeat this on the entire teeth of the machine.

Keeping the chains on a chain saw sharp makes woodcutting easy and fast, precise and more efficient. This rotary tool kit includes a fiberglass cut-off wheel, three grinding and sharpening stones for the chainsaw, and an aluminum oxide stone.

10. Smith’s 50582 Axe and Machete Sharpener ($$)

This handheld manual sharpener is best for sharpening edges of axes, hatchets, and machetes back into its working condition. It has a preset coarse grit carbide blade to sharpen double beveled tools efficiently by repairing damaged edges and polishing it for work ability.

It comes with a wire brush that can be stored in the plastic handle. This plastic handle is also designed with knuckle guards to prevent any accidental nicks and cuts during sharpening. This pull-through sharpener can be used by inserting the “V” notch sharpener into the blade.

Using a moderate downward pressure, pull it all the way across the entire surface. Repeat the process 5 times of more until the blade is thoroughly sharpened.

To produce quality woodwork, investing on proficient tools is necessary, and selecting an appropriate woodworking tool sharpener to go with it comes next. This will ensure that the blades are always kept at their optimum for the precise and speedy job. Since there is a range of tools that are used, the most suitable sharpener must also be chosen. The best thing to consider is its reliability, versatility, and convenience. Capitalizing in the right equipment and its implements is a good way to start an endeavor.

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