Top 10 Best Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

One of the leading manufacturers of knife sharpening materials since 1985. Since then, it had contributed much to the knife sharpening market introducing products that are literally an upgrade from the existing technology, always a step ahead in the invention.

Home of the popular Chef’s Choice, they have wide array of small kitchen equipment and tools from food slicers, waffle maker, hot beverage products, egg cookers and the largest selection of kitchen knife sharpeners. With its advanced technology innovations, the company is continuously serving a wide coverage of client from home chefs, professionals and sports enthusiasts with its patented knife sharpeners designed specifically for their use. Here are some chefs choice knife sharpener list.

Sharpeners have come a long way from the traditional stone sharpening until the most sophisticated equipment of hybrid sharpeners. They understand the various needs of each client and provide a way to answer the demands. Since there is no such thing as a one size fits all knife sharpener, incorporating technology to provide multipurpose tools to meet such needs and demands is Edge Craft’s best influence.

From its selection of knife sharpeners, the best type can be picked up in terms of its convenience, efficiency and effectiveness, positive customer feedback and specialized tool that is especially fashioned to cater a certain type of cutlery since not all knives can be sharpened in a sharpener that does not support its feature.

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpeners are fashioned with the latest technology, employing diamond abrasives in its grinding rollers that could extensively sharpen any knives faster and more precise than others. Edge Craft has been renowned in its innovative takes on sharpeners by introducing the first precision guided sharpening, the first electric sharpener to cater Asian knives, the most advanced and versatile electric sharpener system, and the supreme Criss Cross technology for more durable and lasting sharpness of knives.

Chef’s Choice is also the leading brand, and actually the first to introduce hybrid sharpeners that combines the precision sharpening system of electric and manual sharpeners.Innovation is continuous but in the meantime, the best from the best set of sharpeners can be picked from its wide array of knife sharpeners.

1. Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener ($$$$+).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

Lobbying the precision and convenience of knife sharpening, Chef’s Choice Model 1520 is a defining edge in this technology. This versatile electric knife sharpener can be used with all types of blades, even with the contemporary 15 degree blades for which it was considerately crafted.

Electric sharpeners have been deemed debatable in its performance in the past with the fact that the aggressiveness of the motors acting upon the wheels along with the abrasive can cause significant damage on the knife’s facet because it removes most metals during the filing process. But professional chefs and enthusiasts are enjoying the convenience of superior sharpened knives in just a matter of seconds.

The advancement of technology enabled the innovative designs of electric sharpeners that does not only provide the same superior sharpness but at the same time ensure proper treatment to preserve the lifetime of cutleries. Chef’s Choice Model 1520 is diligently complying with these standards. It has developed the Trizor triple bevel edge for durable sharpness that does not merit frequent re-sharpening and thus preserving the formation of the knives. It contains 100% diamond abrasives that polish and hone the blades to perfection. The spring precision knife guide properly secures the knife into place for a more precise and accurate sharpening.

Sharpen the 15 degree faceted knives on stage 1. Insert and pull the knife in the left slot, then right alternatively, up to 10pulls until a burr is developed or a rough raised portion on the facet of the knife. Thicker blades may require more pulls to create a burr, while thinner 15 degree knives may need only 2-4 alternating pulls. If the burr is developed, proceed to stage 3 and make 4 pairs of pulls on the slots. Stage 2 is designed to create the Trizor edge. In this, two pairs of pull can be made after the Stage 1 to create smaller burr before proceeding to Stage 3.

For single sided blades, use only the slot where the blade is facing. Usually, right-handed knives have blades on the left, so use the left slot for honing, on the Stage 1 and 3 of the equipment. American and European knives, which are 20 degree faceted, are honed in Stage 2. Running the blades on Stage 1 would convert it to a 15 degree, for which purpose a knife to be converted is pulled into.

2. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Electric Knife Sharpener ($$$$+).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

Another innovation of Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener is the introduction of this first ever sharpener to develop the Trizor edge in kitchen knives. The Trizor edge is the resulting effect when triple bevel is created on each edge of the knife that was the work of the multiple diamond abrasives that shapes the edge into a modified gothic arch. This arc helps ensures superior sharpness and durability.

Trizor edge tends to last longer and does not require frequent sharpening that significantly removes metals from the knives. Originally, the Trizor was created at 20 degree angle, but the Trizor XV has the major edge set at 15 degrees for extreme sharpness. This is acquired after undergoing the three stage of sharpening, honing and stropping in this model. These three stages can be used in different sequence as per requirement when setting edges of knives for specific purpose such as gourmet, fish knives, butchering, gaming and poultry.

To convert the edges of contemporary European or American knife into a Trizor XV edge, or to sharpen an Asian knife, start with Stage 1. Insert the blade and make alternative pulls on the left and right slots, 20 pulls to re-angle an edge, but thicker blades may require more pulls. Continue swiping until burrs are developed. If just sharpening an Asian knife, however, 1 to 2 pairs of pull is enough so as not to oversharpen the knife.

Once a burr is developed, proceed to hone in Stage 2, about 1 to 2 pair of pulls until smaller burrs are created. Then continue on the stropping or polishing in Stage 3 by making 3 to 4 alternating pulls on the slots, lingering for 3 to 4 second for 5 inch knife. Continue to make 2 alternating pulls on the slot, a bit faster this time for final polishing, doing more if necessary to achieve the desired sharpness. Stage 3 is also used when just re-sharpening.

3. Chef’s Choice Model 700 Ceramic + Steel Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener ($$$$+).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

Traditionally, knives are made of steel until it gave way to stainless steels that are generally used because of its durability, hardness, ductility and resistance to rusts. Ceramic blades on the other hand may also be hard but they are too fragile and prone to breakage and therefore cannot just be sharpened on any materials lest it would be deformed. Chef’s Choice Model 700 has an innovative technique of creating a sharpener that would work for both steel and ceramic.

This is a cost-effective solution where knives are made of varying materials hence there is no need to purchase a separate sharpener to regain the cutleries sharpness. Model 700 has three stage of sharpening: Stage 1 is built for steel knives that work for a primary 15 degrees bevel. The Stage 2 slot is for ceramic knives also at 15 degrees bevel. Stage 3 works for both materials that polishes and hones the blades to bring out the arc-shaped edge for superior quality razor-sharp blades. This stage is also used for sharpening serrated knives.

The model is equipped with spring precision knife guide that allows the knife to be securely latched into the machine to give the precise sharpening and accurate control of the angle. It has 100% diamond abrasives and the final stage has Diamond UltraFlex Finishing for a guaranteed long lasting and durable sharpness. The model also works best with most kitchen knives, Santoku, hunting, fillet, sports and pocket knives.

To sharpen steel knives, make alternating pulls on the slot marked Stage 1 then proceed to Stage 3 for honing. Ceramic knives should also be pulled in Stage 2 simultaneous to Stage 3. Generally it may take only about 1- 1.5 of a minute when sharpening for the first time. But when re-sharpening, it could be finished in as fast as 10 seconds. Model 700 is convenient and the best sharpener as far as the knife’s type of material is concerned.

4. Chef’s Choice 290 Hybrid Angle Select 15/20 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener ($$$).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

Hybrid sharpeners are innovative breakthrough in knife sharpening technology as it combines the precise cutting edge of electric sharpener and the excellent technique of manual sharpeners resulting to an exceedingly sharp and durable razor sharp blade. Model 290 produces an arch-shaped edge that are more stable and durable compared to V shaped ones that has hollow edges for more proficient and robust sharpness of the edge that tends to stay longer despite frequent usage.

Chef’s Choice’s hybrid sharpeners almost have similar specifications and precision performance but what sets the Model 290 apart is its combined electric pre-sharpening and sharpening features in its stage. It can also be used for knives with minimal angle of 15 degrees and 20 degrees that wasn’t yet incorporated in other hybrid models. In general, this is the latest and most updated and advanced model that assemble the previous features together. Its latest Criss Cross technology makes use of the 2 diamond abrasives that simultaneously sharpen “into and out” of the knife creating burr free edges for superior and super sharp blades.

Electric sharpeners have been regarded as aggressive sharpener that could remove ample amount of metals from the knives but Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener had modified the technology such that it could provide the same performance but with assurance that metal filings have been reduced, the manual Stage 3 is safe for honing and metal loss is absolutely negligible. Model 290 can be used for household and professional knives, serrated, sporting and heavily used knives making it the most multipurpose and universal unit so far. It just doesn’t work with ceramic knives which require special technology to retain knife’s form.

The sharpening stage to be used is subjective of the condition of the knife. Generally, Stage 1 is only for severely dull or damaged knives. It is the pre-sharpening stage and knives with 15 degree angle. Both 1 and 2 are sharpening stage for 20 degree knives while the Stage 3 is for honing, polishing and maintenance.

Before using the electric sharpener, it would be beneficial to make few trial swipes before turning the power on to get the feel and test the contact of the blades with the conical rollers. If the knife is already sharp, skip the first stage. To use the sharpener for the first time in dull knife, use Stage 1.

Insert the knife into the slot and make simultaneous pulls in the left and right on the full length of the blade, about 2 seconds per inch of the knife and about 10-20 pulls that would create a burr in both edges. Proceed to Stage 2. Repeat the same procedure in this slot to create a more distinct burr. Finally, make only 3 pulls in stage 3 to refine the edges. Serrated knives are only sharpened in Stage 3.

5. Chef’s Choice 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpener ($$$).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

This model is another take on hybrid sharpener by EdgeCraft. The slight difference from the latest model 290 is the combined function of electric pre-sharpening and sharpening function that is not found in model 270. It is also a combination of the patented electric and manual CrissCross technology that polishes the blade for extraordinary sharpness and durability in almost all types of cutlery.

The motor powers stage 1 and 2 that defines the edges while the manual stage 3 is made for honing the blades. Stage 1 has diamond abrasive disks that revitalize even the most severely damaged knife. It creates the sharp edge at 20 degrees on each side or the sol-called bevel. In the stage 2, the second bevel is created by finer diamond abrasives in a slightly larger angle than the first that sets the primary facets of the blade. This also creates the arc-shaped profile in the edge that supports the knife to give it a longer lasting sharpness and durability.

In stage 3, razor sharp Trizor edge is created that gives the paramount of perfection in sharpening a cutlery. The unit can work with all other knife types including serrated ones that can be sharpened on the Stage 3, but not intended for use in contemporary knives with 15 degrees angle, single-sided, ceramic knives, and scissors.

When sharpening, always make sure that the numbered edge is facing the user. Grip the knife securely and apply only minimal force, and the action is always towards, and not away from the user. To start using the Hybrid model 270, turn the power on and insert the knife into the far off left slot and pull the knife at about 5 seconds for a 6 inch blade. Adjust the time, increasing for longer knives, and decreasing the duration of the contact for shorter ones. Make 5 alternating pulls on the left and right slot of the stage, but for very dull knives, 10 pulls may be necessary.

Ensure that a burr is created along the edge by checking the coarseness with the fingers before honing the knife in Stage 2. This stage has finer abrasives that sharpen at a larger angle than the first and may need 1-2 pulls to create rather smaller burrs than the first before proceeding to stage 3. Stage 3 is the manual polishing stage, so the device can be turned off. It is the single slot on the far right where a knife is to be inserted and honed with 4-5 back and forth strokes, and is also used for re-sharpening.

6. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife and Scissors Sharpener ($$).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

This manual sharpener is Chef’s Choice most versatile so far as it could sharpen practically all types of knives, tools like machete, shears, scissors and fishhooks. It has 100% diamond abrasives and precision angle guides for better sharpening experience. Manual are most preferred because it is less aggressive and does not remove much metal content of the knives during sharpening thereby proven safe even for most expensive cutleries.

They are also more cost-effective as they require no power supply to be used making it also convenient and portable that suits for outdoor needs, be it on the field, in the boat, or at a camping trip where its service is expected. They are advantageous for people who are used to simplified steps and are novice in handling sharpening, or senior citizens with problems in muscle control and swear on the nervous inducing noise caused by electric ones.

It is also a more improved and convenient tool than the sharpening stones. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife and Scissors Sharpener have a two-stage sharpening system meant to create the gothic arc-shaped knife edge that is more durable and long lasting. Stage 1 has diamond abrasives and Stage 2 has finer diamonds that hones the tools into its most superior sharp quality. It can produce 15 degrees or 20 degrees to cater to all blade types and also sharpens serrated and single beveled knives.

7. Chef’s Choice M317 Sportsman Extreme 2 Stage Straight and Serrated Edge Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener ($$$).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

This rugged electric sharpener is especially fashioned for outdoor enthusiasts. They are usually using knives that are thick, robust and can withstand pressures and can cut through very stringent and dense materials. This sharpener is made to provide industrial quality of sharpness no matter how thick or thin the blades could be and is also suitable for single or double sided blades.

For a quick touch up of outdoor knives, the 100% diamond abrasives in Stage 1 of this two-stage sharpening system works to provide the uniform sharpness that is durable and long lasting as well as repairing severely damaged ones. Stage 2 has flexible polishing/stropping disks that create the arc-shaped edge to ensure durability of the knife’s edge to be able to carry out its task in an exceedingly superior manner.

The unique edge grip feature of this device keeps it stable when sharpening to avoid unnecessary accidents arising from slipping of the equipment from the edge of the counter. Begin sharpening by placing the knife on the slot on stage 1. To get an even edge, always make sure that the knife is keeping in contact with the conical rollers and apply a minimum but uniform force when pulling.

The direction is always towards the user, but do not pull abruptly. A 6-inch blade should pass the sharpener for 3 seconds. When sharpening the tip of curving knives, gently lift the knife handle so that the blade is drawn across the roller. Continue honing the knife on Stage 2.

8. Chef’s Choice Commercial Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener ($$$$$$+).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

To meet the busy demand in a commercial kitchen, the reliable diamond hone is designed for upkeep of the Trizor edges of the blades. It is responsible for ensuring that the sharp edge stay sharp longer for efficiency in cutting jobs especially for chef and kitchen knives which are expected to work in precision when preparing elegant and gourmet cuisines.

Chef’s Choice electric sharpeners are mostly easy to operate, with comprehensive guides, and carry out sharpening in a matter of seconds. This model is an excellent choice as it can work with all types of knives, of any materials, and different grinds of blade, be it double or triple-beveled. This is especially beneficial in kitchen with stack of various knives intended for different purposes like chefs, kitchen, hunting, pocket and contemporary knives with 15 degree single sided blades, and serrated knives. It has three stage sharpeners with 100% abrasive diamonds.

The stages can be used in different sequence to achieve the desired sharpness, smoothness and durability of the blade. It works super-fast for quick touch ups of cutlery for superior performance. Stage 1 has fine conical disks coated with 100% fine diamonds used to create microgrooves and set the bevel angle.

The finer microgrooves are created in Stage 2 to define the second bevel. The Stage 3 is equipped with fine abrasive disks to polish and strop the edges and create the third bevel for superior sharpness. Each stage also has elastomeric guide springs to hold the knife securely and precisely into place for no angle guesswork sharpening. This model also has removable diamond dressing pad to catch the debris for easy cleaning. 

To achieve the smoothest unmarked cuts in vegetables and fruits, sharpen knives in Stage 1 and 2 before making extra pulls in stage 3. For knives used in butchering or cutting meat, use Stage 1 followed directly by Stage 3. Knives used for games and poultry are sharpened using stage 2 and 3, while serrated knives are only accommodated by stage 3.

The procedure is pretty similar with other units, about 10-20 pulls for 2 seconds of an inch, alternating in the left and right slots. Re-sharpening is also done in stage 3, however, if the knife is slightly dull, it can be swiped at stage 2 before proceeding to the honing stage. Observing proper sequence will not only maximize the knife’s performance but also ensure that it is preserved and well-taken care of to extend its useful life.

9. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener for Serrated Knives ($$).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

This ambidextrous sharpener, for left-handed or right-handed users, is built not only for convenience but to specifically accommodate serrated and electric knives that are not suitable for use in just any other type of sharpeners because of its fragility. Knives with really fine serrations are subject to excessive wear and tear especially when used in other sharpeners as it tends to file away the uneven metals on the serrations that such knives could end up more like straight edged knives.

Although generally serrated cutleries stays sharp longer than most types of knives and require little to no maintenance in sharpening, there would come a time it would dull out and not be able to do its job precisely. They are designed for fibrous materials and work in saw-like cutting technique to slice thick materials.

A dull serrated knife may cause fraying and unusually uneven cut, even crushing soft materials and food like bread and fibrous vegetables. Since most sharpeners works aggressively to for even sharpness, they are usually fashioned with diamond abrasives that removes more metal filings from knives but Chef Choice’s Model 430 is equipped with fine diamond abrasives that are subtle for the type but at the same time excellent in result.

This 100% fine diamond abrasives are proven safe and efficient in sharpening, and polishing or stropping. The effect is durably sharper teeth and added protection against bluntness to make the razor-sharp edges stay effective for a longer period. This model is easy to use, simple, and convenient and could sharpen all types of knives, of any materials, and varying blade grinds that ensure to bring out the efficiency and excellent cutting performance of these cutleries.

It can also be used in honing straight knives but is not efficient in revitalizing very dull and damaged ones since it may require coarser abrasives to set and repair the edges. When using Model 430 for the first time, 10 full strokes by simply swiping but exerting only minimal downward pressure. Remember that serrated edges are sensitive and forcing it against the grinding wheels of the sharpener can cause deformation.

Longer and bigger knives can be passed in the sharpener 10-50 times. Make sure that the blade is always in contact with the red conical roller. Movement should be smooth, even and uniform in both sides. When re-sharpening, 10-20 full strokes is enough. But always remember not to keep re-sharpening unless knives become really dull and ineffective in its performance.

10. Chef’s Choice 463 Pronto Santoku/Asian Manual Knife Sharpener ($$).

chefs choice knife sharpener 

Asian knives are fashioned at a somewhat thinner edge of 15 degrees than the common 20 degrees in American and European knives. The difference in the fabrication of these knives can be traced in the culinary preferences in which there lies a difference of cuisines and lifestyle.

Western countries are more into fibrous food like meat and vegetables that is why they need a sturdier knife for cutting. Asian people prefer seafood and need a slightly thinner angle of blade to preserve and not deform their delicate meal. Although more recently, Western countries are also adapting the 15 degree angle. In comparison to 20 degrees blade however, they tend to become dull faster.

There are specialty sharpeners to cater this type of edge to provide reliable support for regular honing and sharpening of these cutleries. Chef’s Choice 463 Pronto Santoku/Asian Manual Knife Sharpener are specially designed for Santoku and Asian knives be it straight or serrated. It has two-stage of sharpening that is also fastened with diamond abrasive on its wheels and the breakthrough CrissCross technology that works to provide the sturdy and superior sharpness of the blade. The ultra-fine abrasives in stage 2 polish the edge to make a long lasting sharpness.

Much consideration had been given by EdgeCraft when crafting their knife sharpening tools that it can be cost-efficient in terms of quality, ease of use and convenience. Their continuous effort to provide the market with state of the art equipment is shown in the advancement of Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener that provides specialized and highly innovative products, defining and introducing system of sharpness such as the Trizor edge that gave way to Trizor XV.

Indeed the era of freehand sharpening had come a long way and its evolution made people’s lives more convenient and simple without compromising the quality, only improving and refining.

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