20 Best Sharpening Stones That Are Highly Sold

best sharpening stones in the market

11. KME Knife Sharpener Complete 4 Ceramic Stone Set ($$).

Best Sharpening stone

The excellent performance of ceramic sharpener comes in this KME Sharpener kit. It has 60 grit extra coarse silicon carbide ceramic stone sharpener for total reprofiling and removal of folded out metals off the edges of the blade and setting up a new edge.

The 120 grit aluminum oxide ceramic stone is best for severely blunt blades as it removes metals to reveal a new cutting edge. The 320 medium grit ceramic stone is good for every day polishing after an extensive use. The 1000 grit ceramic sharpener gently polishes and remove the rough edges to create the mirror-like sharpness that lasts.

These stone sets can be used dry. Just put the sharpener in a steady and sturdy surface when sharpening and proceed with the usual process of scraping motion of the blade across the stone. It is best to maintain the angle of the blade during sharpening for optimum quality blade edges.

12. Wusthof Tri-Stone Sharpener ($$$).

Best Sharpening stone

Wusthof’s sharpening stones have three different sharpening grits that come with a sturdy holder to secure the stone during sharpening. It has a coarse, medium, and fine stone for sharpening and honing. Stone sharpeners are versatile to be used for both single and double beveled blades.

These stones provide excellent quality sharpness for bringing stone’s edges back to its working condition. Similarly, the coarse 240 grit stone is used for re-profiling, the medium 1000 grit stone is for sharpening slightly dull blades. The 3000 grit fine stone is responsible for finishing to create the optimum level of sharpness.

The set includes water bottle to be used for lubricating the stones before sharpening. pour a small amount of water into the surface of the appropriate stone and sharpen the edges while maintaining a proper angle of the bevel. Make a back and forth motion of the blade into the stone with as many strokes to achieve the desired sharpness. Repeat this on the other side if double beveled.

13. DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models in Hard Wood Box ($$$$).

sharpening stone

Diamonds are very hard metals that are known for their fast cutting rate when used for sharpening. it can be used to sharpen any types of hard metals even the ceramic ones of which some knives are made of. Harder than ceramics, these diamond whetstones can be able to resist pressures and prolong its useful life.

DMT’s diamond whetstone set has 3 diamond grit inclusion:

  • Coarse grit for neglected and slightly dull blades
  • Fine grit for polishing edges after coarse sharpening
  • Extra fine grit for creating more refined edges

These stones can be used for both straight and convex type of blades. The stone’s surface is equipped with micronized monocrystalline diamond that creates evenly sharpened edges for the superior quality of sharpness. These surfaces are interrupted or made with holed portion to collect the swarf or metal filings during sharpening and prevent it from accumulating on the surface. Metals that stays on the surface of the sharpening stone hampers the efficiency and speed of the work.

The stone can be used dry or lubricated with water upon choice. The interrupted surface enables dry sharpening without creating such a mess during sharpening. To use simply set the stone on a sturdy surface and make a scraping motion of the blade into it, repeating on the other beveled edge. Whether the coarse or fine surface was used, polishing the edge on the extra fine stone can give the blade a mirror finish.

14. Smith’s 50008 8-inch Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone ($$$$).

sharpening stone

This 8” Diamond Hone Sharpener by Smith’s has two adjacent diamond stones, the coarse grit and the fine grit, and Medium Arkansas stone. These abrasives are superior in repairing damaged edges, creating razor-sharp blades, and polishing edges for a supreme quality blade.

These stones are mounted on a wooden bench which can be rotated for added convenience. The diamond hones have an overlapping interrupted design to catch metal filings to keep the surface clean while sharpening and quicken the job. It also has a micro-tool sharpening pad on the side of the stones is used for sharpening the tip and narrow blades of chisels. It comes with an angle guide to enable sharpening on the factory edge of the blade. This sharpener can be used for various types of knives and dull blades whether for repairing or regular maintenance.

To start sharpening, rotate the lever so that the desired stone is on top and spread it with a honing solution that comes with the kit. A water can also be used ass lubricant if desired. Place the sharpening angle guide on the end of the stone and align the back of the knife on it to get the precise angle. Push the blade into the stone in a scraping motion, applying the necessary pressure. Repeat the strokes 8 to 10 times.

Transfer the angle guide to the other end of the stone to sharpen the other side of the blade with the same number of strokes on the other side. If the coarse stone is used, repeat the process on the fine stone then hone the blades in the Arkansas stone for an excellent razor-sharp edge.

15. Buck Knives 97076 Edge Tek Dual Grit Pocket Stone Diamond Knife Sharpener ($$).

sharpening stone

This slim, lightweight, and portable sharpener is made with 100% diamond coated surface with a dual sharpening surface. The coarse grit surface provides a heavy duty repairing of damaged blades by removing the folded out metal and set a new edge. The medium grit is used for polishing slightly dull knives for upkeep and removing the burr created by the coarse grit sharpener. The use of the grits is subjective to the condition of the blades. The severely dull knives are sharpened using the coarse surface otherwise, the medium surface can be utilized.

First is to lubricate the stone with water base honing fluid or simply water to promote cutting. When sharpening a chipped edge, work first on the area around the damaged area to remove the metals that had folded out. Once the surface is evened out, continue with regular sharpening on the entire blade. Maintaining an angle of the side of the blade, scrape the blade across the stone at about 5 strokes per side or more, until the desired sharpness is achieved.

Another excellent motion of sharpening to be used is the circular scraping. This style helps maintain a uniform angle all throughout. Simply make a clockwise motion of the edges of the blade until it entirely covers the surface of the sharpener. Flip the blade over and continue on the other side counter clockwise, applying the same pressure as on the other side.

16. Work Sharp WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener ($$+).

The five abrasive surfaces of this guided field sharpener are mounted on a sharpening plate. It has a coarse and a fine diamond sharpening stones that are adhered to a magnetic plate that is attached to the unit. The magnetic plate was designed to enable the stones to be removed from the base if to be used for freehand sharpening.

Along with the coarse and fine diamond plate, it also has a coarse and a fine ceramic hone, and a leather strop for complete sharpening kit. This guided field sharpener features a controlled angle sharpening with 20° and 25° angle guide to be used for common and standard knives and blades.

When using the sharpening stones mounted on the kit, keep the knife at its exact angle using the ramp guide at each end of the sharpening plates. Technically, the coarse sharpening plate is used for much-damaged knives, while the fine sharpening plate is for a slightly dull knife.

Lightly align the blade on the guide and push it along the abrasive about 5 to 10 strokes. Sharpen the other side of the bevel by placing the knife on the opposite side of the sharpener. Align the edge of the angle guide and push the blade towards the other end. If the coarse plate is used, repeat the process on the fine sharpening plate. Then use the ceramic rod to hone and refine the edges and finish polishing in the leather strop to achieve the wicked sharpness.

17. KME Precision Knife Sharpening System with 4 Gold Series Diamond Stones ($$$$+).

sharpening stone

The KME Precision Knife Sharpening System is a complete set of tools for the convenience of not having to purchase separate additions for sharpening. This latest kit features 4 diamond Gold series of KME with abrasives of extra coarse, coarse, extra fine and fine; a rod guide and rotating clamp for angle adjustment of one-degree increment from 17° to 30°; stone clamp; a cleaning cloth and a water bottle all in one hard case.

The diamond stones are efficient in re-setting edges and polishing dull and damaged blades back into use. The extra-fine surfaces can polish the edges into an instant sharpness that would outdo a factory quality of sharpness.

To use the sharpening system, thread the rod guide into the stone clamp and insert the desired stone into it. Similarly, an extra coarse and coarse is used for severely damaged blades while the finer ones are for blade maintenance. Insert the knife into the system’s clamp and tighten the lever to secure. Adjust the angle on the side of the kit and insert the end of the guide rod into it. Using a brushing motion, sharpen the blades thoroughly across its entire surface.

18. Spyderco Tri-angle Sharpmaker ($$).

sharpening stone

An innovative use of stones for easy sharpening is through this tri-angle sharp maker. Unlike from the usual flat stones, the abrasives of this sharpener is designed on a rod that is inserted into the sharpening system’s slot to form a V. This is for convenience and removes the guesswork of sharpening with its precise angle setting.

The primary purpose of this design is to maintain a consistent angle during sharpening and sharpen on the factory edge of the blades. It has the angle set at 15° and 20° which is great for most common knives and blades. The V-type high alumina ceramic coated stones are excellent in bringing dull edges back into life.

The system comes with two set of triangular ceramic stone sticks, the brown-colored medium grit and the white fine grit for aggressive sharpening and polishing. It also includes a brass safety rods to protect the hand in case the blade would slip off the stones, and can be easily packed in a plastic case for portability.

To set up the sharpener, insert the sharpening stone sticks into the hole of the desired angle. Put the heel of the knife near the upper tip of the rod and, keeping it perpendicular to the surface, pull the blade to the bottom of the rod until the tip of the blade scrapes to the bottom of the stone. Repeat for up to 20 strokes. To sharpen the other side of the bevel, use the opposite sharpening stick and repeat the process with the same number of strokes.

19. Edge Pro Apex 3 Knife Sharpener Kit ($$$$).

sharpening stone

Sharpening kits were developed for the purpose of precise sharpening with the correct angles of the blades. These systems are using the traditional stones along with guided clamps to attain the exact angle of the bevel. This is to make sharpening more easy, safe, and accurate than the freehand stone sharpening.

Edge Pro Apex is a complete set of stone sharpening kit. It comes with five grit stones and caters all blades up to 3.5 inches wide. The stones include a set of water stones with coarse, medium fine, fine, extra fine, and ultrafine grits suited for different knife conditions. It also has an 8-inch ceramic grit hone for polishing the edges to its mirror-like sharpness.

After assembling the sharpening kit, lay the knife on the blade table. Wet the stone with a wring-out cloth. Put the stone at the edge of the knife and push it forward over the side of the bevel up to the tip. Repeat the strokes until the desired sharpness is achieved. Flip the knife to sharpen the other side of the blade and repeat the strokes starting from the heel to the tip of the knife.

20. Wicked Edge Pro-Pack 1 Knife Sharpener ($$$$+).

sharpening stone

Professional knife sharpening system is a bit expensive. But they are advantageous in keeping the pristine condition of the blades and maintaining the exact angle of their edges. Wicked Edge’s sharpening kit comes with diamond stones that come in a pair, one for each side of the bevel.

It has 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 grit stones to professionally bring edges to excellent condition. It also has a diamond and leather strops for polishing. The variable angle adjustment can be set from 15° to 30° per side of the bevel. It has a tough paper stone base and a sturdy vise and degree bar to secure the knife.

Setting up the kit is simply screwing on the comprehensive kit. A vise key at the top of the sharpener is used to adjust the proper fitting of the knife. The knife’s spine is put centered in the vise and tips pointing away from the user. A knife brace can be used to hold longer knives up. Insert the stones into the guide rod and swipe it across the blade alternating side to side until the desired sharpness is achieved.

Despite the advent of innovative knife sharpeners, stone sharpening is still preferred by people because of its efficiency and ability to produce finer results without the risk of damaging the knives when using more extensive power tools or the aggressive abrasives that are used in some sharpeners. Stone sharpening is a tradition whose importance will always be considered as far as producing quality cutting edges is concerned.

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