The Best Ceramic Knife Sharpener To Put Your Money On

Crucial to every knife is the retention of its sharpness and the ability to perform an indispensable task for a man’s daily activities. Whether they are used in the kitchen, in the household, outdoors, or for doing stringent chopping jobs, their blades must always be in top shape to achieve quality and precise result. And for this, there is nothing better than these ten best ceramic knife sharpeners.

What Is A Ceramic Knife Sharpener?
Ceramic knife sharpeners are known for their gentle abrasives and produce a finer result than that of diamonds. Much preferred for quick touch-ups, they could also be used as stand-alone abrasives. They are widely utilized for in-between step in sharpening and stropping. Technically, they are not meant to sharpen, but to hone and polish already sharp knife and may not work on beaten down blades.

Knives are crafted from various materials. Hence, using appropriate sharpening abrasives is important to preserve its form and the facet of its blades. For regular maintenance of the edges, using hardcore sharpening but gentle abrasives like ceramics helps keep the blades sharp all the time. It also prevents further damages that result from severely dull edges. 

1. Utopia Kitchen Ceramic Kitchen Tungsten Diamond Manual Knife Sharpener ($)

Utopia Kitchen’s ceramic plating rod can deliver the preciseness and quality for refining edges even that of ceramic knives and other steels. The Stage 2 of its three stage sharpening is specifically designed for this type of knives making it versatile enough for any double beveled knives. It has 100% diamond fixed angle abrasives that enable it to polish edges for excellent and durable sharpness to last longer.

To sharpen a ceramic knife, use stage 2. Simply draw the knife through the slot until the sharpness is achieved before polishing it on the fine honing stage. The coarse grinding slot is for steel knives. Always finish with stage 3 for any types of metals to eliminate the burrs and refine the edges. It is best for household, kitchen, sporting, utility, and pocket knives but not for the serrated ones.

Since ceramic knives dull out longer than most steels, it guarantees the same factory grade sharpness after re-sharpening without frequent touch-ups. It is safe, quick and easy to use without utilization of any power supply. It can also be used by left-handed or right-handed user. It has a slip resistant bottom, and a sturdy grip handle to prevent unnecessary accidents during sharpening.

2. Kitchen IQ 50142 Pro Ceramic Edge Gourmet Electric Knife and Scissors Sharpener ($$$)

Kitchen IQ is the first brand to introduce the Extra Fine Interlocking alumina ceramic wheels that allow the knife to be sharpened on both sides together and provide industrial quality sharpness without removing much metal from the knife. This interlocking feature reduces the numerous process used in sharpening.

To use, turn the power on and insert the blade into the slot until it makes contact with the interlocking wheels and aligns itself. Using moderate pressure, pull the knife from the heel to the tip with consistent strokes. Repeat at least ten times, doing more pulls for severely damaged knives. American or European knives with 20° angle are first set in the manual carbide slot by pulling it a minimum of 10 times before feeding it to the electric sharpener with the same process as Asian knives. When re-sharpening moderately dull 20° angle knives, use only the electric slot.

Sharpening on different slots tends to cause inaccuracy if the alternating swipes are omitted and which could mar the side of the knife. This product works for all double-beveled knives. It is a great sharpener for quick daily touch-ups. To add to its versatility, it also features a manual slot for serrated knives and a lock-and-pull sharpener in the base of the housing to sharpen serrated knives. 

3. Smith’s Ceramic Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener ($$$$+)

Smith’s interlocking ceramic wheels are designed to create a better finish on the edges of the blades. Ceramics are hard metal almost leveling up to diamonds that cut off faster into the edges but removing only a negligible amount of metal in its coarse and fine slots. These ensure the speedy and precise result.

Conservative users often doubt the reliability and effectiveness of electric sharpener because of the notion that this type of equipment removes a lot of metal from the knife when filing that could eventually deform and damage the knife. The cutting edge industries have finally developed the technology to prove this belief wrong by equipment that gently, but precisely, performs the task. Smith’s Ceramic Edge Pro’s overlapping ceramic wheels fine tune the knife’s edges are removing just a negligible amount of metal to keep it in its original form.

It’s overlapping wheels sharpen both edges at the same time to reduce the time spent in pulling through several slots and gives an equal treatment to both sides of the blade. This sharpener also provides the Precision Machine Edge Configuration with its 40° angle (20° for each side) that lets the knife retain its sharpness for up to a period without re-sharpening.

4. Spyderco Tri-angle Sharpmaker

Specially designed for maintaining the consistent angle of the knives and preserve its factory edges, the perfect Quadsharp sharpener of Spyderco is an upgrade from sharpening rods and stones. With angles at 15° and 20°, it is perfect for quick touch-ups of dull pocket knives. Most of all, its V-type high alumina ceramic-coated stones gently sharpens and refines, while retaining the exact angle of the blades on either side.

Setting up the kit is quite easy. Just insert the sharpening rods into the hole of the desired angle and scrape the knife downward keeping it perpendicular to the ground. Do about 20 strokes per side and repeat using the fine honing rods.

It has two set of triangular ceramic stone sticks, the brown-colored medium grit and the fine white grit for aggressive sharpening and polishing. It also has brass safety rods to protect the hand in case the blade would slip off the stones, and can be easily packed in a plastic case for portability.

5. Kitchen IQ 50141 Ceramic Edge Electric Knife Sharpener ($$$)

The fine ceramic abrasives used in this device are great for maintaining knife’s edges without removing a lot of metal from the knife thereby preserving its facets. It is made to work with contemporary American and European’s double beveled 20° angle blades, and the Asian’s 15° angles by sharpening edges together at the same time using its interlocking ceramic wheels.

These wheels also set the knives into a Precision Machine Edge, a patented edge of Kitchen IQ. These ceramic abrasives are gentle and more subtle in their work without compromising the quality of sharpness that is required for various cutleries. Aside from the electric slot, it also has two manual slots: one is used for the serrated knife, and one for pre-sharpening.

Insert the knife into the triangular shaped sharpening slot using minimal force and make several pulls until the sharpness is achieved.

6. Work Sharp P220 Ceramic Oxide Abrasive Belt ($)

The replaceable belts of Work Sharp enable versatility of the machine to be able to do various sharpening tasks for various knife’s needs. The P220 Ceramic Oxide Belt can be used as additional belt kit that is used for fine tool sharpening.

Simply feed the belt into the machine and the angle guide for the specific knife. Insert the blade into the sharpening slot, pressing the power button simultaneously and pull the knife out with consistent force. Continue in the other slot to sharpen the other edge of the blade.

Another P80 Ceramic Belt is also available that is widely used for shaping and profiling tools, but for this case, a P220 could be enough. This medium kit grid belt works by smoothing out the edges of well-polished razor sharp blades.

7. Miyabi 2 Stage Diamond/Ceramic Handheld Knife Sharpener ($$$)

Designed for the 15° angle setting of Asian knives, this manual sharpener has two slots. One with diamond abrasives for coarse sharpening, and the excellent quality ceramic fine slot to bring out the polish edges of the blades.

For honing a dull knife, simply pull the blade through the fine ceramic slot a few times until the sharpness is achieved.

Since not all V-slot sharpeners are designed for Asian knives, and manual hand sharpening may not be able to maintain its edges, the tendency of most is to send their knives into sharpening services which can be quite inconvenient. This handheld sharpener is an answer to the demand and works quite extensively in polishing the knife’s blade into its utmost sharpness.

8. Wusthof 4455 10 inch Ceramic Sharpening Steel

For quick touch-ups of any knife and regular maintenance of the blades, this sharpening steel from Wusthof is a great tool to have around. Being able to work with any hard steel, and does not require any hassle of sharpening at all. It can guarantee on the spot realignment and polishing of the blades to keep its mirror sharpness with its medium ceramic abrasion.

Use the sharpening steel like a traditional sharpening rod by just scraping the entire blade across the surface of the steel alternately with the other side of the blade to the desired sharpness.

The quality of this abrasion subtly keeps the very fine and perfect edges and makes it at par with factory sharpness.

9. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener ($)

This portable and diminutive outdoor sharpener is extensive in sharpening almost all types of knives. It is certainly one of the best ceramic knife sharpeners. It has a pre-set carbide blade for coarse sharpening that is used to repair the edges of severely damaged blades.

The pre-set ceramic sharpening slot is used for polishing after the coarse sharpening or simply for maintaining the sharpness of the edges. It has coarse carbide and ceramic sharpening slots that are used for sharpening many outdoor knives and tools.

The ceramic slots are extensive in refining edges of the knives to be able to maintain its hair-splitting sharpness despite the rigorous nature of the job that an outdoor knife is facing. This slot in Smith’s Pocket Pal can even be used to hone the edges of a serrated knife after sharpening with the included tapered diamond rod to remove the burr from sharpening and give it its polished and evenly-sharpened blades.

10. Rapala Ceramic Single-Stage Sharpener ($)

Designed for refining and maintenance of the edges of fillet knives, this portable outdoor ceramic knife sharpener can be used to thin knives of its kind. It is usually a handy tool for fishers for filleting.

More of a sea knife sharpener, it can also be used in a variety of other kitchen knives for honing edges into perfection. This one-stage knife sharpener is built with a V-shaped fixed ceramic sticks intended for setting up a nice edge for the knife while keeping it burr-free, and clean to enable the knife to thoroughly slice clean into a fish’s meat for a more precise cut.

The overall built of this ceramic knife sharpener is sturdy to withstand the tough outdoor needs, with ridged edges meant for a secure grip even when sharpening the knife wet, and a lanyard hole for convenience to avoid misplacing this mini-sharpener.

Use the sharpener like other V-slot sharpeners by pulling the blade across the slot for about 6 to 8 pulls until thoroughly sharp. Ceramics are typically designed for honing rather than sharpening because of its ability to create a neater and finer edge compared to other abrasive stones. The material is considered for the fine stage of sharpening or the single fine stage sharpening itself for honing knives and maintaining its sharpness.

Almost all the sharpeners have a ceramic honing stage that works for the preservation of the longevity of the sharpness and lengthening the serviceability of the knives. A sharp knife is necessary in every kitchen, occupational or sports activities. Keeping a handy and convenient ceramic knife sharpener is always helpful.

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