Top 10 Kitchen Knife Sharpening Services

Dull knives are the hassle in any food preparation whether on commercial, or home use. Kitchen knives are forged using different metals, and exposure to acid and water often results in corrosion.

To a commoner, a knife is a knife and can be replaced easily. But for knife enthusiasts, knives are no less than a master piece. There are a broad range of custom knives for enthusiasts and professional use whose design and edges needs to be preserved in its original form for precision and self-experimentation is not applicable. These types of knives are only best honed by a meticulous handyman who understands its make and fashion.

It may not be known, but there are knife sharpening services that cater the servicing needs for different types of cutlery. In order to meet demands across the state, mail-in services are becoming widespread, and this ensures precise and accurate treatment to cut on expenses.

10 Best Kitchen Knife Sharpening Services

A properly honed knife could stay at its top shape for as long as a year along with proper and regular maintenance. In choosing the best kitchen knife sharpening services, it is necessary to check on the reliability and feedback of past customers to know how knowledgeable the handyman is to be entrusted with blunt knife issues. Kitchen knives by far are the most common sharpened blades, but other services have their restrictions on the type of blades they could cater, so it is best to check on it especially if a service is to be purchased by mail.

1. Tru Hone Knife Sharpeners

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Being in the service since 1972, this knife sharpening service company in Florida could offer industry grade result for cutlery knives of varying sizes. Their service can be purchased online where one need to log into their website and fill in forms, ship the knives and they will take care of the order. Price starts from $5 per knife for labor with a 12-month warranty. For knives with chipped edges and needs repair and hollow grinding to be thinned out, additional cost 0f $2- $3 is topped up which is a great value for quality service.

2. Sharper Edge Professional Knife Sharpening Services

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Located in the Studio City California, clients can drop off their cutlery and expect it to be finished in a matter of minutes. The service company boasts of its quality sharpening that guarantees knives sharpest edge and removing as little metal as possible to prolong its lifespan. Their mobile service can be availed with prior booking should there be more than ten items to be sharpened no less. They have booths available at the weekend market in Studio City, Encino, and Pasadena where a customer can drop off cutleries and sharpened while they wait. They exist for quality, accessibility, and convenience.

3. Magnus Pettersson Hand Knife Sharpening

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Hand sharpened by the eponymous Magnus Pettersson, and he personally picks up and delivers orders for free within the Westside of Los Angeles. A machine is used only for repairs and thinning while he manually sharpens and hone knives using Japanese water stone to ensure efficient and precise angle and not alter the metal component to enable it to stay sharp longer. Price range from $7 for knives under 5 inches to $11 over 9 inches. He does not offer mail order service and being always on the run, so clients are advised to make a prior appointment for the service.

4. Pro Sharp Knife and Scissor Sharpening Services

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This family owned service business started out in 1994 in Simi Valley, Texas and are continuously providing the best kitchen knife sharpening service for most chef’s and kitchen knives, cleavers and food processors. They schedule visits for fabric sharpening in Southern California and Las Vegas but also do mobile service for $89 on ten knives. Prices for kitchen knives including serrated ones are at $8.50, $9.50 for cleavers and $12 for food processor blades. Customer reviews applaud the quality sharpening service and professionalism as well as the convenience that the business is offering.

5. D & R Sharpening Solution

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A sharpening service should have the proper equipment, technical experience, and in-depth knowledge in the field that is best fulfilled by D & R. They cater a variety of blades including Asian and serrated knives using different systems of sharpening. Hand sharpening starts at $3 per inch and additional charges for re-serrating knives and regrinding. The mail order service of the company, however, only limits to kitchen cutlery, upholstery and fabric shears and would not accommodate any other types of blades.

6. Carter Cutlery Co.

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Purchasing their sharpening service offers you hand-honed system using Japanese hybrid fashion. The traditional Japanese way of making knives uses laminated steel which was brought by this company in Hillsboro Oregon. Hand sharpened on water stones service costs $30, and the company is also offering bladesmithing and apprenticeship program for enthusiasts who wish to employ the traditional knife making technique of the Japanese people.

7. Razor Edge Knives LLC

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Founded in 2010 as a sole proprietary business, Razor Edge pays attention to the knives composition by using manual hand sharpening. Should electric sharpening machines be needed, it is provided with coolant units to prevent damage and metal loss. They cater various knives, scissors, and straight razors for as little as $5 and as much as $110 for regrinding up to 12-inch blades.

8. Seattle Knife Sharpening Service

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For as little as $1.75 per inch and top up shipping or pick up fee of $5, Seattle Knife Sharpening offer the best value for money. They are experienced in professional, and kitchen cutlery and are mostly catering restaurant needs for sharpening. The service can be mail-ordered, and, should the handyman discovers the necessity of blade thinning, would also do extra service upon agreement with the client.

9. The Edge Masters

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For people having difficulty in getting some real edge, the edge masters could provide the best kitchen knife sharpening service. Mail-in knife sharpening is available, and they guarantee that their properly sharpened knife can last even up to a year after the service along with good maintenance from the owner.

10. Chef Knives To Go

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Apart from selling more than 70 brands of knives and cutlery sets, mail sharpening service can be availed at the website that provides touch up and angle alignment that is done by hand using Japanese water stones. They are rounding to about 12 years in business and is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Usually, any knife weather and dull out with time. While sharpening knives are an option, most people have the tendency to throw away such cutlery when it became exhausted with usage, which only makes it less economical and expensive. There are a variety of sharpening materials that can be acquired and used at home that does not require any special skills, but professionals can offer the best kitchen knife sharpening service.

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