Top 20 Best Electric Sharpeners and How to Use Them

11. Kitchen IQ 50142 Pro Ceramic Edge Gourmet Electric Knife and Scissors Sharpener ($$$)

electric knife sharpener


KitchenIQ is the first to introduce the Extra Fine Interlocking alumina ceramic wheels allows the knife to be sharpened on both sides together and give industrial quality sharpness without removing much metal from the knife. This interlocking feature reduces the numerous process used in sharpening.

Sharpening on different slots tends to cause inaccuracy if the alternating swipes is omitted and which could also mar the side of the knife. This product works for all double-beveled knives. It is a great sharpener for quick daily touch-ups. To add to its versatility, it also feature manual slot for serrated knives and a lock-and-pull sharpener in the base of the housing to sharpen serrated knives.

To use, turn the power on an insert the blade into the slot until it makes contact with the interlocking wheels and align itself. Using moderate pressure, pull the knife from the heel to the tip with consistent strokes. Repeat at least 10 times, doing more pulls for severely damaged knives. American or European knives with 20° angle are first set in the manual carbide slot by pulling it a minimum of 10 times before feeding it to the electric sharpener with the same process as Asian knives. When re-sharpening moderately dull 20° angle knives, use only the electric slot.

12. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener ($$$$)

electric knife sharpener


Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener are built to give that patented Trizor edge in kitchen knives. The trizor edge is the creation of triple bevel on each edge of the knife that was due to the multiple diamond abrasives that shapes the edge into a modified gothic arch that ensures superior sharpness and durability. Originally, the trizor was created at 20° angle edge, but the Trizor XV is created at 15° for extreme sharpness.

European knives are slowly bringing the 15° sharpness in its line of cutleries and while new ones can be purchased, Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV can adeptly re-angle the blades of contemporary knives to 15° while still being able to use the other slots for the 20°. This has three stages of sharpening, honing and stropping. These three stages can be used in different sequence as per requirement when setting edges of knives for specific purpose such as gourmet, fish knives, butchering, gaming and poultry.

To convert edges of contemporary European or American knife into a Trizor XV edge, or to sharpen an Asian knife, start with Stage 1. Insert the blade and make alternative pulls on the left and right slots, 20 pulls to re-angle an edge, but thicker blades may require more pulls. Continue swiping until burrs are developed. If just sharpening an Asian knife however, 1 to 2 pairs of pull is enough so as not to over sharpen the knife.

Once a burr is developed, proceed to hone in Stage 2, about 1 to 2 pair of pulls until smaller burrs are created. Then continue on the stropping or polishing in Stage 3 by making 3 to 4 alternating pulls on the slots, lingering for 3 to 4 second for 5 inch knife. The continue to make 2 alternating pulls on the slot, a bit faster this time for final polishing, doing more if necessary to achieve the desired sharpness. Stage 3 is also used when just re-sharpening.

13. Presto 08810

electric knife sharpener


Presto has designed the 08810 model, a smart upgrade of the Presto 08800 with adjustable blade selector to achieve the precise angle of the bevel and three stages of sharpening. These three stages of sharpening ranging from coarse, fine and very fine provides more professional and even sharpness of the blades. It can be used to sharpen knives of alloy, carbon, and stainless steel, kitchen, and hunting knives.

The unit is fast, efficient, and less noisy. Serrated knives can be sharpened on the honing slot however it is not advisable for electric knives or those with double serrations. Place the unit in a stable surface before sharpening. It has suction cups at the bottom that holds the machine securely to prevent it from slipping. Determine the type of knife and adjust the blade selector, “thick” for hunting knives and cleavers, “medium” for kitchen and utility, and “thin” for fillet, paring and other thin knives.

Moving the selector will automatically set the stage 2 and 3 to fit the knife’s specifications. When sharpening the blade for the first time, or sharpening a very dull knife, use the Stage 1 with the coarse grinder. This stage does not have an adjustment for blades and places the same angle for all blades. For slightly dull knives, use Stage 2 followed by 3. Stage 3 is used for fine honing and daily touch ups for maintenance of sharpness. Make alternating pulls on the slots of the appropriate stages using light downward force. If testing the knife’s sharpness does not yield the desired outcome, repeat the Stages 1 and 2.

14. Chef’s Choice 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpener ($$$)

electric knife sharpener


This model has a combined electric pre-sharpening and sharpening function, and in combination with the patented electric and manual CrissCross technology of Chef’s Choice, it polishes the blade for supreme sharpness and durability. The CirssCross technology allows the grinding wheel to work into and out of the blade in interlocking manner.

It has three stages of sharpening: Stage 1 with the diamond abrasive disks revitalizes blades of severely damaged knife. Stage 2, with finer diamond abrasives sets the sharpness in the facets of the blade. And stage 3, creates the razor sharp Trizor edge is created that gives the durable and longer lasting sharpness. This unit can be used on all types of knife including serrated ones but not intended for use in contemporary knives with 15 degrees angle, single-sided, ceramic knives, and scissors.

To begin sharpening, grip the knife securely and apply only a light downward force. To start using, turn the power on and insert the knife into the far off left slot and pull the knife at a controlled speed of about 5 seconds for a 6-inch blade. Make 5 alternating pulls on the left and right slot of the stage, but for very dull knives, add more. When a burr is created along the edges of the knife, proceed to Stage 2. Make 1 to 2 pulls to create rather smaller burrs than the first before proceeding to stage 3.  Stage 3 is the manual polishing stage and hone the knife with 4 to 5 back and forth strokes on the slot. This slot can also be used for sharpening serrated knives.

15. Gourmia GES9715 Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener ($$)

electric knife sharpener


To keep the frustration off a dull knife, especially on the kitchen, this high quality diamond knife sharpener is an excellent answer to it. Using diamond abrasives, the metal that has a faster cutting rate, enables a speedy service notwithstanding the superior quality performance and extended useful life of the knives. It can be used mostly on kitchen knives of standard blade edge, sports and tactical knives. It features a wide hand rest to be able to securely grasp it when sharpening and a non-slip base for better backing.

This device has a two stage sharpening system. The coarse and fine slots for quick touch up and honing of dull cutleries, and having the separate left and right slots enables it to accommodate single-sided knives.

To use, simply put the equipment in a flat surface, plug and turn it on. Insert the knife on the coarse slot using minimum downward pressure and alternately ran it into the left and right slots. Repeat for approximately 5 times. Continue to hone in the fine stage repeating the pulling motion. Honing a knife regularly keeps the cutleries in its physical state for better performance.

16. Kyocera DS-50 Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener for Ceramic Kyocera Knives

electric knife sharpener

Specially designed to sharpen its own line of knives, this sharpener can be used for their ceramic, steel, titan and stainless with its #600 electric powered diamond grinding stone. The knife guide slot keep the knife at an exact angle and the assist roller prevents over sharpening that provides an even control, accuracy and precision. It can also be used with ease for both right and left-handed user. It is operated using 4 AA batteries and can be taken even for outdoor needs without the need for a direct power supply. The diamond grinding stone can also be replaced when worn out making this device lasts longer with proper care and usage.

To use the Kyocera Diamond Knife Sharpener, insert 4 AA batteries into the unit. Grip the sharpener firmly and switch on “Run” button until the blue indicator lamp lit up. While still pressing the “run” insert the blade on the knife guide slot pulling it from the heel to the tip, gently assisting any curving edge of the knife into the slot, and keeping it parallel to the table. Make a slow stroke and a light downward pressure. If the knife is pressed too hard, the indicator lamp will turn off. Insert the knife on the other slot to sharpen the other side of the blade. Repeat the process alternately, five times on each slot.

This product is only best for people with Kyocera branded knives, but may not work with other brands.

17. KitchenIQ 50141 Ceramic Edge Electric Knife Sharpener ($$$$)

electric knife sharpener

To keep the physical structure of the knife, investing in equipment that are refined and does not aggressively chips off a lot of metal during filing like this Kitchen IQ 50141 is a sound choice. It can be used both on 20° and 15° angle of blades that sharpens the edges together at the same time to avoid marring the blades or inconsistent sharpening on the sides. The unit bears a member tested and approved seal that guarantees its excellent performance for all sharpening needs.

It also has the patented interlocking ceramic wheels sharpener that sets the knives into a Precision Machine Edge. This ceramic abrasives are gentle but efficient in their performance to provide the excellent result that is needed for every cutleries. Aside from the electric slot, it also has two manual slots, one is used for serrated knife, and one where a damaged knife is pre-sharpened.

When sharpening damaged edges or sharpening a knife for the first time, use the manual carbide slot to set the edges. Insert the knife into the sharpening slot using minimum downward force and make several pulls until the desired sharpness is achieved. Then pull the knife through the triangular shaped ceramic stones for honing and final polishing.

This equipment can be used for any Asian, European or American double beveled blades. But since this sharpens both sides of the blade at the same time, this unit is not to be used for single beveled Japanese knives.

18. Chef’s Choice 290 Hybrid Angle Select 15/20 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener ($$$$)

electric knife sharpener

This sharpener is electrically operated and is combined with the manual sharpeners for honing resulting to an exceedingly sharp and durable razor sharp blade. Its sharpening system can generate an arch-shaped edge that are considered more stable and durable than the traditional V shaped edges, providing it more metal support to prolong the sharpness of the edge despite frequent use. It can be used for knives with minimal angle of 15° and 20°, household and professional knives, sports, tactical, and heavily used knives. Its latest CrissCross technology of 2 diamond abrasives simultaneously sharpen “into and out” of the knife to create a burr free edges for superior and super sharp blades.

The sharpening stage to be used depends upon the condition of the knife. Stage 1 is only used for severely dull or damaged knives. It is the pre-sharpening stage and also for knives with 15° angle. Both 1 and 2 are sharpening stage for 20 degree knives while the Stage 3 located on the right side is used for honing, polishing and maintenance.

Before using the electric sharpener, turn the power on to get the feel of the spring tension and test the contact of the blades with the rollers. If the knife is already sharp, skip the first stage. To use the sharpener for the first time in dull knife, use Stage 1. Insert the knife into the slot and make simultaneous pulls in the left and right on the full length of the blade, about 2 seconds per inch of the knife and about 10-20 pulls that would create a burr in both edges. Proceed to Stage 2. Repeat the same procedure in this slot to create a more distinct burr. Finally, make only 3 pulls in stage 3 to refine the edges. Serrated knives are only sharpened in Stage 3.

19. Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition ($$$$+)

electric knife sharpener


Partnering with the legendary knife maker Ken Onion, Work Sharp Knife and tool Sharpener was able to produce the best industrial knife sharpener that can work for all types of knives with great precision and efficiency. It has an adjustable prescision sharpening guide, wide flexible abrasive belts and variable spped.

The flexible belt that is mostly used in industrial tool sharpening has a superior sharpening technology for creating razor-sharp edges. This latest collaboration work combines the practical engineering and industrial excellence of a sharpener that can be also used for home tools. The design may look complicated and it comes with a definitive chart of precise angle and stroke for each type of knives, and getting to know the knife before sharpening is a must. On the contrary to its intimidating appearance, it can be easily operated with few button flicks.

Start by using the reference guide on the manual for the number of strokes and belt to be used on different types of knives. The belt has 5 abrasives: extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine, and extra fine that is used for several purposes namely, tool repair, knife shaping, knife sharpening, knife and scissor honing, and gut and serration sharpening respectively.

The angle on the rotating knob has 15°, 20°, 25°, and 30°. The speed of the machine ranges from low, medium and high. To sharpen outdoor knives: with the power off, insert the blade on the right side of the sharpening guide by the heel of the blade. Simulatenously turn the switch on while pulling the knife with a steady 1 second per inch speed.  Do not push down into the guide, just allow the machine to do the job. Continue on the other side of the blade until a burr is created. Change the belt lever into “fine” and continue the pulling process for honing.

Sharpen serrated with the extra fine belt. Place the flat side of the blade at the bolster. On low speed, pull the knife across the belt at a steady pace. Low speed is used for sharpening almost all kitchen knives except for cleaver that can be run on high. Outdoor knives like tactical, sporting, pocket knives and gut hook may be set at low or medium.
This electric sharpener is best for occupational tools that requires the hairsplitting sharpness of their tools.

20. McGowan Firestone Electric Knife Sharpener ($$$+)

electric knife sharpener


The sharpening wheels of this very convenient and easy to use electric knife sharpener is made from a blend of aluminum silica and ceramic and diamond that provides the precise and excellent performance. It has powerful one step precision sharpening with pre-set angle that sharpens both sides of the blade at the same time to reduce the time spent in multiple processes. This is used for most kitchen knives, electric knives, serrated knives and cleavers that makes it multifunctional and really speedy.

To use the sharpener simply hold the machine securely with the right hand. Hold the blade vertically against the sharpening slot and drag it across the wheel 10 to 15 times or more to achieve the necessary sharpness for the tool.

Dull knives should never be an impediment in any activity be it at home, at business, on the job, or for a favorite hobby. Getting the best electric sharpener that will work on all or specific types of cutleries are guaranteed to make it convenient and easy, and enabling the knives to prolong its useful life without the need for frequent replacements. Knife sharpeners are very essential not only to speed up the cutting work but also to prevent accidents from happening when using blunt and unmaintained one. The reliable service of the best electric sharpener helps not only in regular touch-ups but also to bring back even the most severely damaged knives back into business.



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