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best kitchen knives in the world
10 Best Knives In The World That Are Too Good To Cut

Whether you want to whip a fast meal or cook for a big dinner party, quality knives do save a lot of time. But, picking some of the best knives in the world can not only be daunting but also time-consuming. So, there are lots to look for. To help you out, we have shortlisted […]

Tool Laws
are butterfly knives illegal
Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal And Where?

Ever wondered why are butterfly knives illegal? If you haven’t known the reason yet, then this is the right time to be acquainted with the knife laws so that you don’t end up in trouble later. Butterfly knives, otherwise called Balisongs or Batangas knives are folding & portable pocket knives, which are known to have […]

Top 20 Best Electric Sharpeners and How to Use Them

Knives started a long way in history. From bones and stones, it had evolved into its most versatile modern forms, made from different materials, and built for specialised purposes. Its significance is largely considered in simplifying work be it for personal or home use, for occupation or for sports, gaming or the great outdoors. Just […]

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